Do something based upon input

I want to have a scene with multiple inputs but the scene should do something different if trigger 1 or 2 has triggered.

Is this possible to do?

The goal is to reduce the amount of scenes and thus hopefully reduce memory consumption.

Reducing Scenes to save memory is not needed.
Scenes are extremely efficient in memory use … maybe 100 bytes/command in the scene.

Ok, thanks for the information.

Do you have some advice how to free up some memory? The system has trouble to save, is unstable and very slow…

I already have attached an USB Stick for logs.

what are you using for plugins? They are amongst the biggest users of your system’s memory

You also need to tell vera to use the USB stick.
Have you done that in SetupLogs
Check Store Logs on USB Device.
The status should show enabled … and … Successfully checked.

The biggest user of memory is going to be plugins.
How many plugins and of what type (i.e. Smart Switch, PLEG, Datamine, …) do you have ?

Yes, logs are already saved on USB.

Plugins are:
PhilipsHue (3)
Netatmo (3)
Wunderground (3 Places)
PLEG (4)
Garage Door (is it large?) (2 devices)
MiOS Update Utility
HomeWave Push Plugin
Virtual On/Off Switches (14 devices)
Battery Monitor
YamahaReceiver HTTP (from a-lurker)
VirtualDoorsensor (4 devices)
VirtualTemepratureSensor (1)
VirtualMotionSensor (1)
and temporarily System Monitor
… and 40 Scenes and 25 real devices

I’m amazed that a VeraLite runs at all with that many plugins. I think you should seriously consider upgrading to Vera3.

For estimation purposes, we usually assume that each plugin parent device requires 2MB of memory space. Your fourteen VirtualSwitch devices amount to 28MB and your VeraLite has 64MB for everything.

You may be able to keep it running if you replace the fourteen VirtualSwitch devices with two MultiSwitch ones. This could reduce the overload on your memory by 24MB.

You also have several other virtual devices that are adding to the overload. If @RichardTSchaefer releases the virtual-parent plugin he is working on, you may be able to release another 10MB or so.

Thanks for the details.

I use most of the Virtual Switches for showing a state in HomeWave. If there is a better way doing this, I will.

The available memory is about 24 MB but it decreases within a few hours to 20 MB. After LUA restart it is larger again. Could this be a script going crazy?

Would it be more efficient to replace the virtual switches with virtual door sensors?