"Do not play scene when..."

Hi all,

I have not bought VeraLite yet but I am already thinking what I can do.
Let’s say I have scenes that run all the days (light/temperature control), but then I go on holiday and I do not want that these scenes are played, or let’s say, other scenes are played; how do I say to VeraLite “I am on holiday”?


Simply have two sets of scenes, one for “Workdays” and one for “Holidays” and activate the accordant check marks.

The simple way is to set up the scenes the way you want it and install the virtual switch plugin. In the scene code section you can add a check to check if the virtual switch is on or off and proceed from there.

  • Garrett

For conditional Scene execution please review:


If you have more complicated requirements in your automation you may want to look into PLEG.

+1 for Garrett
I have done this like for 4 seasons :smiley: