Do not disturb or set hours for scenes

Perhaps I am just missing it but can I do any of the following with Vera:

  1. Set a do not disturb for notifications
  2. Set hours available to receive notifications
  3. Set home and away modes

Obviously I am trying to set up scenes for when I am home and away. The issue is I cannot turn on and off a trigger to a scene without logging into vera via a browser and checking a trigger for a scene on and off. Not the best method. I don’t think any of the above are outlandish requests but I don’t see how to accomplish them.

Anyone get any of these things to work?

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You may want to look at PLEG for the logic and Virtual Switch and or MultiSwitch to provide a user interface to control your automation/notification logic.

If you are using an android… Tasker should be able to trigger scenes based on home or not.

I have mine turning on a vswitch when i am connected to my home wifi, and off when i disconnect…

I then have the vswitch as a trigger for a combo switch (combo with the wifes vswitch) and that is a trigger for my home/away scenes…