Do me a favour? Water Leak sensor on Vera hub, have Arm / Disarm buttons?

Anyone have a Water Leak sensor paired to their Vera firmware hub? Vera Edge / Plus / Secure etc.

Does that Water Leak sensor have Armed and Disarmed buttons on it?


Also while I am asking, anyone have a Water Leak sensor paired to an Ezlo firmware hub?

Does that have an Armed / Disarmed button on it in the Vera mobile or Mios app?


Hello @cw-kid,

The Fibaro Flood Sensor FGFS-101 is a great option, it works with Ezlo and Vera controllers and it has the arm/dissarm button too.

We will be attentive to your comments.

Thanks Jonathan, is that the Vera Android app or iOS app in your screen shot?

Can you try both for me please? I think there is a bug in the Android MIOS app no Armed / Disarmed button is shown on any of my Security Sensor devices.

Also I don’t have an iOS device here to test with.


Hello @cw-kid ,

It was the Vera app for iOS, but we tried again with the MiOS app for Android, and it is showing the arm/disarm button fine under More → Devices.

We couldn’t find the arm/disarm button on the MiOS app dashboard, we will inform the proper department.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks what was the version number of the mios Android app?

I am using the latest beta version which is

Yes we are already aware of that, Osman and I talked about it before.

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Just installed the Play store version of the mios app and that one does correctly show the armed / disarmed buttons.

Yet the latest beta version of the app does not.

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They fixed it on this dev build

Mios Live (281400991)
November 21, 2023 at 4:43:13 PM UTC+3

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