Do I have a security Issue VeraPlus

Application Version: 1.7.1754

I keep seeing the following in alerts You have received an alert: “Login from IP address: 82:77:233:166”. The ID is: 3727xxxxx Serial #50xxxxx

I have changed the password and set up a router filter to block the address. Usually once a day. So I am wondering is it something to with Vera servers.

That address translates to

It appears to be a MioS(Vera) host in Romania, which is where MiOS/Vera development takes place, at least some of it. You may be in Romania for all I know. But, I don’t think that you should be getting logins from there if you’re not in that area.

I’d check to make sure that you do not have technical support enabled on your unit. Then, I’d contact support and see what they have to say about it.

Z-Waver many thanks for that, I did indeed have remote customer support enabled, to resolve an issue I had. Now disabled. I shall watch and check no longer see the connection if not I shall, as you advise contact support. Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s important to always remember to disable remote support when they are done…!