Do i get the Logitech Harmony Hub or not?

I am about to order the Logitech Harmony Ultimate One Remote but im not sure if i should order the Harmony Hub with it as well.
What else do i gain from the hub?

Currently i have the kodi plugin installed on my media centre which allows me to action 5 or 6 scenes for lights ect.
But will i benefit for spending the additional on the hub?


The benefit of the hub is if you want to go the other way, ie control your harmony devices with vera. You really can’t control vera with your remote unless you setup a pi running a hue emulator. My favorite part about my TV is integrating it with the Amazon echo, which requires the hub.

Makes sense to probably get it so its there if i need it i suppose.

Thanks for the reply!

Without the hub surely you can’t get Bluetooth control of PlayStation/xbox or ip control and app control either