Do all Z-Wave smoke detectors generate false alarms?


I’ve got a problem with my Z-Wave smoke detectors. I’ve started with the Fibaro smoke detector 2 and equipped almost every room with this sensor. Unfortunately, there are false alarms every now and then. It happens in different rooms and the sensors are from different batches (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019). Sometimes the controller is sending notifications about that event and sometimes there are no notifications. Old/new batteries make no difference. The hub doesn’t seem to have any influence on this either (false alerts with Vera and Ezlo).

I tried another brand of Z-Wave smoke detector: Heiman HS3SA-Z. But I’ve als got a false alert with this detector. I wonder if that’s a problem with all Z-Wave smoke detectors or if there is a brand that is more reliable. Is it the small size to blame? Why do 5€ smoke detector from the hardware store don’t generate false alerts (I’ve never had one in many years at least) while 50€ Z-Wave smoke detectors do that more often?

What should I do? Replace all expensive Z-Wave smoke detectors with cheap ones? Or some kind of WLAN smoke detectors that can be intrgrated to the hub?

Has anybody similar experiences or solutions for this problem? What kind of smoke detectors have you installed?

I have a Heiman HS1SA-Z smoke sensor on my Vera Plus. I don’t get false alert notifications.

I did however get false alert notifications with a Philio Smoke Sensor when paired to an Ezlo Plus. I removed it and paired it to the Vera Plus and no more false alerts.

I never Arm these smoke sensors, I wonder if the device being Armed or Disarmed has any bearing on false alerts being generated?

Did you only get false notifications or did the smoke sensor made alert sounds? My smoke sensors usually wake me up at night :neutral_face:

The Siren on the sensor never went off, it did not sound.

Only false tamper and smoke alerts sent to the app.

Are you using a Vera or Ezlo hub?

I had false alerts with siren on both vera and ezlo.

I’ve never experienced that. Only times the sirens have gone off is for real smoke.

Hi, We can not find this device listed for sale either on amazon.

Can you please provide a link where we can buy it?

(Any device requested for integration should be commercially accessible).

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Ezlo Integration Team.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor

Heiman HS3SA-Z

Heiman HS1SA-Z

I can tell you that the First Alert Zwave combo (Smoke and CO) has never given me false alerts, and I have a few of them.