Dmp security system integration

I’m new to Vera and home automation in General and looking for ways to integrate my Dmp xt50 with my Vera. I instal security systems for a living so I’m very familiar with Dmp capibilities and programming and there are multiple avenues for what I want to do I’m just not sure what would be best on the Vera side of things or how to implement them as far as Dmp options I can program zones to arm or disarm the system so relay control is an option from Vera to security and I have a possibility of 4 on board and 8 wireless outputs that I can use for security to Vera control and all of said outputs can be programmed to do almost anything I.e. zone followers, armed status, alarm outputs, bell outputs and I can activate all of theses via text or app. I also have prox readers on my keypads. So I guess what I’m looking for is some insight or ideas on the best way to implement these options into Vera and vice versa


Hi, I saw your post about what you did recently with your Gera and your mentioned Aurdino and DMP XT50, hence I’m curious what you’ve done, would you be able to share your set up in more detail?

I used mic’s arduino sketch for doorbell annunciation with a few minor changes to fit my install coupled with the virtual switch plugin and some creative scene scripting I have gained Vera to form c relay control and monitored zone input from the Dmp so when I arm at the keyped Dmp activates a relay which starts a lights off and door locked scene and I have another scene that trips a different relay that arms the Dmp via arming zone.for security purposes I did not program or wire any Vera disarm scenes because I can already remote disarm with texting control as of right now I have two zones and four relays programmed and working on Vera I also went and got an arduino mega last night so I can add relays and zones at will check out this thread for all the info. Let me know if you have any questions I’ll help where I can,12167.msg88563.html#msg88563

Update: I changed system programming so the same scene changes the arming type, run scene once for home, twice for sleep and three times for away