DLNA support

UPnP is being actively replaced by DLNA these days.
On the new AV gear UPnP isn’t even mentioned.

I’m curious if is Vera going to add DLNA support

@325xi: Thanks for sharing this new tech development. It sounds like an emerging consortial standard that uses UPnP, but takes it much further. From the Digital Living Network Alliance web site:

Content management and control will enable devices and applications to identify, manage and distribute content across your home network. UPnP Audio/Video (AV) technology addresses all of these needs and is the content management and control solution for products based on DLNA guidelines.

Over time, as new technology and standards become available, the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines will likely broaden to cover other usage areas such as home control, network communications and more advanced entertainment services. With regard to specific product types, the guidelines have already been expanded to include mobile and handheld devices and printers.

Currently, DLNA builds on top of UPnP… More specifically, UPnP is a protocol and it covers many areas, not just AV, while DLNA is a set of guidelines specifically for the AV and uses UPnP as an underlying transport (at least for now). Similar to how Vera uses UPnP for HA…