DIY Garage/Gate opener is this the right relay to buy?

I’m going to attempt to DIY a garage and gate opener

I ordered 2 FS20Z-1 to trigger the relay

now I’m looking at relays and just to make sure, any 110v relay would do the trick?

I see a few different options, some using a wireless remote but I think I’m going to do the hardwire into the dry contact terminals.

I would get the mimolite

would I still need the relay if I used the mimolite?

it says multiinput/output does that mean I can control 2 openers?

The Mimolite is sort of a misnomer. It has one output consisting of a relay and one analog input.

I currently use mine to control the garage door using the garage door plugin (which is apparently broken on UI7 or something).

The output relay is connected to the terminals on my garage door opener that the button is connected to, and the input is connected to a magnetic reed switch I picked up off Amazon to indicate if the door is shut or not. It’s a decently elegant single box solution.

[quote=“dannieboiz, post:3, topic:183902”]would I still need the relay if I used the mimolite?

it says multiinput/output does that mean I can control 2 openers?[/quote]

No, you would not need a relay and no it will not do two.

I also suggest the mimolite. The Mimolite is a low voltage z-wave relay and z-wave sensor input. For each garage you would need a mimolite and a door contact of your choice. The door contact has 2 wires and would wire to the mimolite which would send z-wave open and closed door status to VERA. The Mimo lite also have a built in relay that you would run 2 wires to the garage door opener same place as where the wall mounted opener switch goes. Mimolite is powered by the included wall wort. Most common install is mount on celing above the door opener and plug wall wort into open outlet where garage door motor plugs into. Run 2 short wires to input on back of door motor, then run 2 wires where you mount your door contact above the door somewhere.

So 60.00 mimolite on amazon and 5-15.00 door contact depending on if you use weatherproof steel or plastic. Each of these is needed for each garage door or gate you need.

Since I already have the linear switches en route, I went ahead and picked up the relay and test it out first. The circuit board box inside my gate opener is water tight and is large enough to fit the relay and the switch in there. I’m going to test it and see how well it perform.

Looking at the spec sheet for the FS20Z-1 and the switching contacts are isolated, so you should not need a relay, just wire the two blue wires in parallel with the door opener button wires.