Dissapeared Device?

I have a device (Fibaro door/window sensor FGK-107) that suddenly has dissapeared from the dashboard. I don’t remember its ID, but I presumed what it could be. So, I tried to do a luup command “hidden”,“0” for the supposed IDs, with no result, even I never did a “hide” for it.

So, question is: Is there any way to be able to re-show the “dissapeared” devices?, to find which are they?

Of course the device is still working and generating alarms, but no way to see it in the dashboard.

I did a full search on this forum and on Google, and this came to me with the luup command I referred to, but no success. :frowning:

I feel that if I try to exclude/include the device, it will work, but I still don’t know how to exlude/delete the device if I cannot see it in the dashboard… :frowning:

Thanks for any help

Without going into the vera file system and uncompressing/reading the user-data file, the best tool is ALTUI!