DisplayLink for home status?

Since Vera uses an ASUS router as it’s base, and has USB sockets, what are the possibilities for using a DisplayLink mini-monitor to display the status of the Vera system and home in general? I saw this which shows someone setting up a DisplayLink with a different ASUS router, so I think it should at least be possible to do.

If it’s possible, what should it display to do with Vera and the home? It wouldn’t be usable as an interface as it’s not a touchscreen, but personally I’d be interested if it could display the floorplan of my home with the device statuses indicated, maybe flick through any camera feeds which are available, and maybe show the time until the next scheduled event happens.

Wow, such a neat product. I raced right over to:
and watched their demo video.

From the looks of it, the DisplayLink relies primarily on a video driver on the platform (Windows, Mac or Linux) side … and I question whether Vera has the capacity (literally) to manage USB device drivers. Otherwise, she’d make a great print server, NAS hub, or (as discussed elsewhere in the Forum) accept a broader range of X10 interfaces.

But I’m intrigued, and hope you will share the link you found showing the DisplayLink being used with an Asus router. I’m sure everyone else will find this proposal interesting, too!