DisplayLine1 / CurrentLevel

akbooer: If you haven’t got a handler, then the plugin isn’t running. This would explain a lot. What’s in the logs? I assume you’ve restarted once or twice and refreshed the browser.

I believe the plugin itself is running, at least it shows the last update some minutes ago. Even the individual values of the sensors are floating and absolutely reasonable during the day.

Thanks for moving the problem here! You say that this URL:


gives “No Handler” ?

Yes, no handler (Safari, Chrome on iPad) and Chrome, FireFox on PC).
What do you thing, should I delete/re-install the plugin?

Yes, you’re using the latest from the UI7 thread?

Edit: although this one with wind gauge support is the latest: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,35162.msg259556.html#msg259556

I’m still on UI5 (B672) and I’ll use your latest zip-archive.

Okay, now I’m able to generate a diagnostic file.

No real problem, but I lost the ability to change the icon set for most of the child modules, they don’t have an IconSet input line. Can’t even change the icon set in the parent module, it always returns to “4”.

The values on the devices buttons in AltUI looking okay now, shown are the current levels of the individual sensors (great!).

So is everything working now?

The approach to icons has changed. The differences between UI7 and UI5 really forced a change. If you want to restore your other icon set you’d have to rename the icons. The IconSet variable is reserved for those Netatmo devices which have dynamic icons, that is CO[sub]2[/sub] and the parent device itself. Both of these devices set their own IconState depending on the status they’re trying to convey.

The important thing should be that your value displays for the child variables under AltUI should be correct.

Yes, everything is okay now, many thanks!