DiskStation NAS?

Yet another NOOB question. I have a DiskStation NAS that my Vera found and so I added it (knee jerk reaction…) and now I have absolutely NO idea why.

What are the possibilities of having every bit of my music/movies and 8tb of storage connected to my home automation? I feel like I just picked up a lottery ticket and have no idea how to find out if it’s a winner or just pointless info.

This may be a case of the blind leading the blind here, but I believe the Vera found your Diskstation because of it’s UPnP abilities. If you wanted to, you could write a (Luup) plugin for Vera that would control certain aspects of the Diskstation NAS via UPnP. First you’d have to get a clear idea of what you wanted your diskstation nas to actually do, and then write the code for the vera to control those functions.

As far as controlling your media distribution, it all depends on the software running on the diskstation. I haven’t got one of these so I don’t know what it is capable of, but I suspect it has a media server/player on it that would be capable of being controlled via UpNP. If you want to explore this, I would suggest working out a way to get your media playing from the diskstation manually first using the built in services. This will give you a better idea of how you need to control it, and you can write the code to do so from Vera.

probably not the answer you were looking for… but this is the kind if thing you may be able to get great value out of a little hard work on, and benefit the Vera and Diskstation community by sharing your work if you do so.

Thank you for the response.

This may not be the answer I wanted but it is the one I expected. I can’t really think of a use for it and I’ll probably just remove it from my list of devices, at least for now. I have so many other project/problems with my network that I can’t even imagine taking on this.