DISH Hopper Integration - Feature Request

Newbie here to the forum and the MCV family of products. Successfully got my Kwikset lock, and Trane thermostats running with the system and loving the HomeWave app to control.

Any chance there is interest in being able to integrate some of the remote control features for things like a DISH Hopper? I was just reading a release today around DISH opening up the API’s to make them available for apps to leverage to control the system. This would really help bring together my system once I grab an IR controller for the Onkyo Receiver as well. Full control of my entertainment system all within this app would complete my home automation dreams (obviously some other lights and such too, those are coming).

If the HomeWave is open to the idea, the article is below. The email listed is also the email they are taking applications from Devs to allow access to the Hopper API’s.

In general, the first step towards support for this would be someone building a Vera plugin for the device. Then, HomeWave can support it in the UI out of the box, or by adding a few simple configuration parameters, or by building a new UI element, depending on the device and the implementation of the plugin.

There are already some plugins for AVR equipment, but HomeWave does not support those as yet.

Looks like there’s quite a bit of potential for this…

Thanks to SDK access that can mirror the functionality of Dish's own Explorer iPad app, home automation systems like Control4 can now directly access the DVRs. That means users with those systems (or others, we saw demos of integration with a few other systems although they haven't been officially announced yet) can control their DVR with the same controls used to adjust their lighting, security and other services. So far, access is limited to simple remote control commands over IP while everything gets certified and secured, but eventually it will include full two-way communication, including guide data and more.

Might be more of something to watch from iRule, but the presence of an SDK would certainly facilitate some sort of plug-in!