Discontinuation of Vera App Market Support


It seems the Vera (Mios) app market is no longer supported. New versions of apps are not getting approved making the app market useless.

Cheers Rene

Hello Rene,

The Mios app market is still supported by us, and new versions of the plugins are still approved. Please try uploading the new version of your app again and if it doesn’t work, please let me know the id of the plugin.

Hi @Catalina_Granados ,

I have plugin 9290 for Tesla waiting for approval since March., and I have asked several times. Maybe this time? Also still experiencing MySQL timeout errors.

Thanks! I asked the team in charge about it and I’m waiting for a response (it could take a few days to get an answer).

As soon as I get more information about the approval of your plugin, I’ll let you know.