Disarm DSC Alarm from Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolts

I have a newly installed DSC PS1832 and 2 Schlage touchscreen deadbolts. I would like to have the alarm disarm when a pin code is used to unlock the doors. I have unsuccessfully tried to create the scene. Hopefully, someone can review what I have done and provide assistance. I went to Automation and created a new scene. On the devices tab, I didn’t make any changes. On the triggers tab, I selected my door, selected a PIN code is entered, and entered the pin index number. Next, I went to advanced, left it at ‘when all devices in the scene are properly met’, selected ‘partition 1’, selected ‘request arm mode’, for ‘state’ I entered disarmed, and entered my code for ‘pin code’. I also added a delay of 5 seconds, which I read someone else had to apply. Thanks for any help provided!

I’ve been trying to create a similar scene with a kwikset lock. I can’t seem to get the pin entered trigger to work.