Disable Z-wave on Vera 3?

Months back, our V3 lost all of its z-wave devices. Restores, resets didn’t help…so I (painfully) migrated everything Z-wave onto a V+, which has been working well. What I didn’t migrate was hand-crafted virtual devices (Dahua cameras, HD blind controls, etc.). Those continued to work, so I haven’t battled with getting them working under UI7. The V3 is running UI5.

Noticed today in the UI5 GUI that the V3 keeps trying to start the Z-wave system, fails, complains it finds no dongle. Repeats. Ad nauseum. The virtual devices seem to keep working, but this has to represent a significant processing load on the V3 CPU.

Is there a way to tell it to give up on Z-wave? Certainly nothing looks like it in the GUI settings, but suspect there’s a system value/device somewhere that could be neutered to make this stop. Anyone been down this road?


Hello @rlmalisz

If you would like us to continue troubleshooting via a support ticket, please let us know and we will create one to assist you with your Vera controller, will be great for a more personal and accurate solution.

Keep in mind, that Vera 3 is a legacy product and we no longer support it, but we can try to help you as far as we can.


Jonathan Botero.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.

Maybe something could be added to start-up LUA. The old wiki websites are down, but apparently accessible via web.archive.org. That and a deep search on this forum of the old posts is all I can think of to try and find a answer.