disable bypass for smokedetector

After adding my smoke detectors and they show up as sensor with the well-known arm and bypass buttons, direct question comes in mind… what if I never want to bypass my detectors? E.g. by accident? Can I disable bypass? Or would I have to make a scene to arm directly on bypassing? Any suggestions?

If you have a scene that depends on this, then so long as you don’t pick “an armed sensor is tripped” then your scene will always run regardless.

For a smoke alarm, an armed sensor is tripped is not a valid option.

I can only choose:
“smoke alarm is activated” or “battery level goes below”.

If I choose smoke alarm is activeted I have to choose “device is tripped” or “device is not tripped”. obviously I chose “tripped”. Am I save now?

Yes that should be ok then… You can always do a test to be sure!