Direction on garage door hardware

Hey ya’ll. Just ordered my vera3 and I think my first mission will be to open and close all garage doors.
I’m reading through pages of posts and just looking for the cheapest and easiest way to control all 3 garage motors from the Vera.
Can someone reccomend relay hardware or how to for MyQ (which I don’t own right now), but I’ve read that maybe you can control all 3 devices with 1 relay?

Thanks so much!

I use a $60 mimolite. It has a relay built in to open and close the door. It also has a sensor to detect open/close status with a reed switch ($15 on amazon). You could also use an ecolink tilt sensor instead of the reed switch for status ($35).

You would need one of these for each opener. So maybe $250 for the whole project.

Super easy to wire. The mimolite comes with a small wall wart for power that can plug in the ceiling with the opener. Just run 2 wires from the mimolite and plug them into the same 2 holes as your wall switch. Done.

I cannot figure out how to wire my mimolite to my commercial switch which has open, close, and stop.
Any advise?

I think I will wait until I order the garage door motors for the new place that I’m bringing all this gear too.
I was chatting with a buddy tonight who has the Liftmaster MyQ ones and it looks like someone wrote some code for those already.

I’m building a house so this is going to be a landslide of learning curve. Don’t even have my vera yet.

Just ordered a bunch of hikvision and almost pulled the trigger on the DSC panel, but I don’t understand why it needs phone cord?

Can I just bipass that and use ethernet for SMS alerts and on site alarm?


I have the DSC. No phone required. I use the Ethernet cable and Vera for alerts.

How are the hikvision cameras? I was looking at those

I’ll let you know once they are setup :smiley: