Direct Association with PLEG

I have been using PLEG for a while to control the lights in my garage - when motion is detected, the lights come on and PLEG re-triggers them to stay on until 5 minutes after motion has stopped.

Lately, however, it seems to be taking a lot longer to trigger the initial LightOn and sometimes can take up to 5 seconds before the lights come one. I am attributing this to perhaps Vera being overwhelmed because once in a while it will trigger almost immediately. That got me thinking though.

Can I create a direct association with the motion sensor and the lights so they come on immediately but then have PLEG keep them on until there is no motion for 5 minutes? I think the direct association would be quicker but not sure if PLEG will take over from there or the lights will turn off immediately after the motion detector no longer detects motion.

Here is what I have currently without the association to keep the lights on (mostly taken from the great write-up “PLEG Basics”. Thanks for any help.

LightOn Garage Light is turned on
Motion Motion Sensor is tripped
ItsNight DayTime indicates night
BayClosed Whenever Bay Door Sensor is closed

Timer On: Self-ReTrigger Off: Interval 5:00

AutoOn !LightOn and (ItsNight or BayClosed) and Motion and (!LightOn)
KeepOn (LightOn and Motion and (LightOn; Motion)) or AutoOn
AutoOff LightOn and !Timer and (LightOn; !Timer) and (!LightOn; LightOn > 10)

AutoOn Turn Light on
KeepOn PLEG StartTimer timerName=Timer
AutoOff Turn Light off