Dimmers not triggering scenes

I have had a working network of switches for a couple of weeks

Recently the physical switches stopped triggering a scene.

Here is what does not work
If switch 1 is turned off then turn off switch 1, switch 2, switch 3 …

Here is what does work
Hitting the play button on via veralite properly turns off all the lights
Switch 1 controls the local load properly but does trigger the scene
The veralite soft switches all correctly control the loads

It’s almost as if the button signal doesn’t get to veralite properly

All the switches a leviton VRMX1-1LZ

Any ideas?

I noticed the same thing with my GE dimmers. I have several GE wall switches, and several GE wall dimmers. I can trigger scenes from the switches, but not from the dimmers.

The signal is definitely reaching the VeraLite system, because it shows the correct status on the screen.