Dimmer slider resolution?

The sliders in UI5 only go in 10% increments. Is there a way to change them so they go in 1% increments?

Right now, the only way to get my dimmers to 1% is to use AuthomationHD on my phone, or LUA. I’m using LUA code now to set “night” scenes which set a bunch of my LEDs to 1% (or 5% if they are a brand that don’t like power levels that low) for night lights. It would be nice to be able to do this using the normal method.

No this has been brought up before on the forum. You can only do 10% increments. This is a limitation of UI5.

  • Garrett

You can set the dimming level to any value between 0 and 100 from a scene if you switch to the ADVANCED tab and set newLoadlevelTarget= to your required value. It is only the UI that has the 10% step limitation.