Dimmable Under Cabinet LED Lighting

I?m remodeling my kitchen and need help with dimming under-cabinet LED lights. I?ve been looking at Kichler z-wave under cabinet lighting but find it to be rather expensive. It?s modular and you can add a z-wave dimmer in-between the driver module and the light fixture.

Kichler info:

Does anyone have experience with the Kichler system?

What other options are there for dimming the under-cabinet lights?

I prefer LED to keep the heat down in the kitchen. I haven’t had much time to research this since I’m still trying to figure out what sink, countertop, tile, paint, appliances etc to get!


I have used these dimmable Cree units and they work really well.


There are other options on the Elemental Led site as well.


What kind of z-wave controller do you use to dim these lights? I’ve looked at the posts about adding a dummy load to LED circuit to prevent flickering. I assume the same would be needed for these?


I use Cooper Aspire dimmers with the power supply from Elemental LED. I don’t use a dummy load. I purchased one but found it wasn’t needed.