Difficulty Configuring iTach Flex WiFitoIR with Veraedge UI7

Guys… please help me out. I’m using Vera for the first time and I have lots of trouble connecting devices in there. Can someone please tell me how can I configure iTach Flex wifi to ir with vera UI7???

You need to install the itachwifi plug in to easily incorporate your Itach flex into your Vera. There is a thread on it here http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,32420.0.html

Thank you shallowearth… I’ll try this out and update the progress.

Meanwhile there is one more thing that is not happening now. Can anybody pls tell me how to configure multiple channels of relays in Vera edge UI7??? Because on adding relay I’m getting 2 Associate Modules but none of them are linked or working except the master that turns my S1 of relay ON.

What, brand/type of relay are you talking about?

It’s Fibaro Double Switch

Also, I have got my iTach wifi added into vera but can you elaborate the steps needed to be done after that because I tried as per the link provided but it still isn’t working.

I would post what you have done so far with the Itach to the Itach thread, and what specifically isn’t working, you aren’t giving folks a lot of info to help you. Have you logged on to Itach (using you browser) to make sure you have the latest firmware and have it configured for IR correctly? Have you set your router to reserves its IP address so it isn’t changing (the Vera plug in can’t handle the IP address changing). Have you put the IP address of the Itach into the app on the Vera? What are you trying to do that shows it is not working?

For the Fibaro relay, post a question to the lighting area, and again be more specific about where you are at in the process, and what the behavior is. Are you on a Vera Plus? What firmware, etc.

Hi… thank you and apologies as well…

I have downloaded iTachWiFi plugin and installed it. I also gave ip address of my device and it has been detected. After this, can you please explain me the procedure to control my Daikin FE series AC?? I am not able to figure out the IR codes needed and the .xml files that we upload.

I’m using vera edge with UI7 and firmware version 1.7.2139.

Thank you in advance…

One more thing that I wanted to update is I got in touch with Vera support guys and had a remote session with them. I was told that iTach Flex that I’m using is not supported by Vera. I’m still hoping if anything is possible…

I have iTach Flex WiFi to IR.