Different actions for same mode

I would like to see Vera implement something for Home mode where it depends on what mode it was just in.

I have all kinds of switches and lights come on when I go into Home mode from Away mode that I do not want to come on when going into Home mode from Night mode. Waking up is different than coming home, especially since this Vera is at a cabin for me.

I?m sure it?s doable via programming, but I feel like this should be something standard in the UI.

Example: When I wake up, I don?t need the driveway lights turned on, but I do want that to happen when I come home.

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You can’t without some code. I use House Mode plug-in with custom scripts to turn on lights only at night.
Everything is tied to the alarm, so it’s automatic.
It’s not difficult, search for conditional scene execution and you’ll find plenty of examples.

My point was that I?m sure almost everyone using Vera has ran into this problem and it should be part of the basic UI and should not require anyone to ?install this plugin? or go learn some lua.

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