Did somebody say IR support !?!?!?!?!

…no?..oh :frowning: …just checking.

I guess MCV guys are terribly busy these days - tons of issues, and production day is… when exactly?

Yeah, we’re trying to make the core feature set (ie zwave home control + energy management) as robust as possible before adding new features. We’re behind schedule on adding IR support.

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just dusting and getting rid of some cobwebs in here :slight_smile:

By no means and am I disappointed in Vera. I know the company’s primary focus is on Energy and basic automation and So far they have delivered. Not to ruffle any feathers, but I bought Homeseer and almost before it arrived I discovered Vera and sent Homeseer back immediately upon receiving it. The main reason I bought Homeseer was for the Lights,Thermostat, and IR control. Vera gives me almost all of these for only half of what it was going to cost when it hit the market…er maybe not I guess. I guess I just expected a lot more since, once joining the forums, there was just so much talk about the possibilities for expansion. There was so much talk about Ir and all its glorious possibilities with Vera and then micasaverde explained that they wanted to get the kinks worked out of the core workings first. I see the IR products in the MiCasaVerde store and my question is “Can we use them?” I would love nothing more than to come home and hit the Watch TV scene and the projector kick on, the stereo turn on and to the TV input, and the receiver come on to my favorite TV show…Family Guy. I already have some of the stuff on my end ready and will be happy to test things and report back. I am an instant gratification type of guy and can barely keep my self from buying the USB UIRT in anticipation for the hopeful future for Vera. Is there anything we can jot down on out calendars timewise to look forward to in regards to some IR support?


I guess MCV underestimated the complexity of a reliable Z-Wave support…

When you read this please read it aloud and in a robot voice…I would like IR support please…Did the robot voice help?

When you read this please read it aloud and in a robot voice.......I would like IR support please.......Did the robot voice help?

Did you’ve tried first the search function?

actually, I did. I searched for IR and got 12 pages of everything that had those 2 letters in it. lol On a side note, both my posts about IR were on the first page :slight_smile: If there is something I have missed (preferably about the USB UIRT that I haven’t already replied to) then please point me in the right direction.

P.S. I don’t mind learning the codes myself. It’s better than nothing.

I found my IR dreamz too :slight_smile: Nostalgie…

C’mon people!