Did Micasaverde do it again? Documentation now not matching UI3

I know this is a known topic: most of the website applies to V1 of Vera, while most new users now receive V2 (my case).

But there seems to be another issue, new as far as I know.
I had the bad idea of clicking on the “?” button on one of my devices…which logically brings me to the documentation.
So far so good…only, what do I see? Screenshots of an interface that doesn’t math my UI3 at all.

Now, I am hopping it’s UI4 (it looks pretty good!), but again, has anyone thought about the users and how confused they could be??
UI4 is beta (i think actually just alpha), the average user doesn’t even care about coming to the forums, nor does he know there is somehow maybe a new interface coming: he has got a product, and he gets screenshots for another one.

There needs to be some SERIOUS reorganisation at Micasaverde. I know you guys are working hard on UI4, but if you are only focusing on the development, no matter how good the result is, you’re still missing the big picture:
Website must match User guides must match Vera Interface

I hate to be the guy always complaining, but I really am feeling sorry for the average customer who must really be lost in all this :-[

Yes this is UI4 and yes I guess this will confuse people :slight_smile: I guess whats needed are different question mark hyper-links depending on UI version.

UI3 docs are on docs.mios.com, UI4 docs are on docs2.mios.com.

They’re supposed to be totally separate. I’m trying to get to the bottom of who/how this got screwed up.

I just got my Vera2 as well.

When looking under downloads, it appears to be running 1.0.996.
Does this need to be updated or is this the most current release exluding the beta?

They are all betas :slight_smile: Looks like thats a UI2 release!

Ok…that’s what I thought!

Can you tell me exactly what you clicked on in UI3 to see that UI4 screen shot? I loaded UI3, and the docs seemed OK. UI3 was pointing to docs.mios, and UI4 to docs2.mios.

If that was for me, I clicked on the link in the initial setup and it brought up the UI4 setup page.
No biggie since I figured out I’m on UI2 and I’m not going to upgrade until you guys say its ok to do so…