Diasble dataMine2

I experience regular LUUP reloads and Vera reboots why I’m trying to troubleshoot and free up memory/CPU to see if I can get my Vera3 stable.

What is the best and easiest way to “disable” dataMine2 to minimize load on Vera? Should I just unmount the CIFS mount or do I have to uninstall the plugin? I would like to keep all logged data on the NAS and get the logging back up and running as easily as possible once I’m done troubleshooting.

It had been useful with a “disable logging” option in the plugin.

You could go into the Configuration tab and set Logging Enabled to false for all your variables and then dataMine2 would be left with not much to do. However, I appreciate that that is a bit of a pain and you’d have to remember to re-enable them all again. Uninstalling the plug-in would also work and all of your data would be kept, but would would need to set up any special mounting options again. Un-mounting the CIFS mount would also work but dataMine will create a bunch of minimal configuration files which you may want to clean up later.

This reminded me of an interesting “best practice” for plugin developers to implement as per http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,36104.msg267941.html#msg267941


I have created a patch release (1.913c) of dataMine2 that honours the disabled flag. If you upload the attached file to your Luup directory then check the disabled flag in the advanced settings of the dataMine2 device then the plug-in will not start and will just put a message in the log saying that it is disabled.

Thanks a lot for this!