Devices not updating status

If I turn a switch on or off manually (a at the device itself) Vera doesn’t notice.
Should I change the polling intervals? it was at 0 and I made it blank, it says 0 for never poll and blank for default.
Or am I in the wrong place…

Hi, whether a device updates it’s states depends on the kind of device. Some do an update instantaneous while others don’t. Try putting in 30 in the settings. Another is having a scene that runs every x seconds, polling the device. Luup code in this scene looks like:. luup.call_action(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HaDevice1”, “Poll”, {}, 65)

Anything wrong with making the polling 5 seconds? I just think it’s silly that a device would take that long to reflect status as the other I have used (Indigo / ST / Fabio) Are almost immediate… Even 5 seconds is too long…
The scenes will not run correct if not…
As in, turn this device off after two minutes… if it takes a minute to know it’s on the time will be off, it will be 3 minutes.

You need to find switches that support “instant status” that is supported by Vera. For background on why this isn’t ubiquitous, search for instant status and the Lutron patent.

This thread had some advice on these types of switches:

GE/Jasco switches can provide instant status only if they are directly routed to the hub. If they need to go through any other device to get back to the hub, the status won’t work. So it is usually better to go with the switches mentioned in the post above.

If you poll very often, you increase the Z-wave network traffic and put additional load on the Vera which eventually can cause stability issues. “Very often” depends on the number of devices involved and the size of your network. So fast polling isn’t a panacea, but can work in some limited situations.

Thanks jswim788 for the advice! But $80 dollars for a light switch is a deal killer…
The hub is 8 feet away from the switch, I wonder how I can force the switch to contact directly.

If it is only 8 feet away and doesn’t have significant obstruction, I would expect it to have a direct route. But there’s no guarantee. I have GE/Jasco switches that are 20+ feet away and they do get instant status in a relatively open room.