Devices don't react, solved by Ezlo hub reboot

This happens every now and again. Today my iBlinds stopped working, possibly other Z-Wave devices as well (though I didn’t check). A reboot of the hub solved the issue.

However, I may have gotten a bit lucky, as I was able to extract the full ha-zwaved. log files and timestamps of not working and working situations. As my hub is still in debug mode, all debug information is captured as well.

Before uploading the files here, which contain the raw zwave messages and possibly security codes, is it safe to share these files here? And is anyone from support willing to examine these files, possibly capturing the error?

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Hi @jouked , support will be creating the ticket shortly. thanks for the feedback and detailed information. These are extremely helpful to us to improve the platform. @SaraV @Alvaro_Ochoa can you please take the logs and create the ticket asap.

I just rebooted my controller and the light sensor fired. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not

Hi @BillC,

We have pm’d you to get some basic info for us to create an internal ticket with the issue.

Light sensor didn’t trigger today either. Level on device is 9 and trigger is 55 I think.
I will leave it alone till you get a chance to grab logs and reboot

Hey @jouked , I sent you a PM asking for the log files. We could also get the files as well if you would, we just need the timestamp of the events.

We’ll be attentive.

I’ve sent the files through PM!

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Thank you!