Device UI

I was wondering if there is an easy way to change the UI of a device. Such as the INSTEON Garage Door Control & Status Kit. The sensor has an Arm / Bypass buttons. I think this should be opened / closed to make things cleaner. Also, the same device has On/ Off buttons which would be better with Open/ closed.

Is there a way to rename these buttons easily?



Thanks for the reply

There are many topics asking a similar question. You might want to search for a more detailed answer.

  • Garrett


Thanks. I tried searching before putting the questions out there as I am was sure that someone would have asked this before. I guess I didn’t find what I was looking for because I was probably using the wrong terminology and/or searching in the wrong part of the forums.


Is it the I/O Linc that you have? In that case you should have one device with Arm/Bypass and one with On/Off, plus a third that appears to do nothing (actually the parent). The first is for the sensor and the second is for the relay. There has been much discussion of that device and of garage door operation in general; a search for garage door should give you lots of information.

RTS has created a plugin that tries to address the problem of the open/close requirement, and it is useful with that device. My own experience with this specific IO Linc is that, while the sensor is highly reliable as an indicator of the position of the door (open or closed), the relay - at least in my implementation with native Insteon and wired in parallel with the original door button - is not 100% reliable (i.e., it does not always operate the door when I tell it to).

Yes, it is the I/O Linc. I will search for garage door but I was just wondering in general.

I will also look into the RTS plugin. I am using his DayNight plugin which I like a lot.

My relay too is wired in parallel also. I think I need to go back into the Insteon software (Homelink?) to tell it that the relay output is a momentary switch as I think I left it as the default when I joined it together with the 2413U device.


If you use the Garage Door Plugin … you will not need to make it a momentary switch.
The garage door plugin … will toggle it for a short period of time.