Device/protocol selection

Just installed the plugin to control my rollertrol blind, works great.

Planning in the near future to add a Oregon Scientific weather station. Under settings I tried to Enable Oregon Scientific but it would just switch back to disable. Is this because it does not see a Oregon Scientific device just yet or am I missing something here?

There are rules for which protocols you can have enabled at the same time.

Check out the user guide:

Hope that is not the case as I can’t enable any other protocols. Can only change the temperature units and speed units.

Which protocol are your blinds using?

What happens if you disable all protocols and then only enable Oregon?

Receive for the BlindsT0 Rollertrol remote is only implemented to be able to receive the ID used.
For transmit it is not necessary to enable any protocol, ie transmit protocols are always enabled.

For normal use enable the Oregon protocol and you will be able to control Rollertrol and to receive Oregon sensors.

Thanks for the info. works like a charm :slight_smile:

Sorry for the thread necromancy.

I am thinking about buying a couple of used Bofu motors (, to use with my Vera Lite and RFXtrx.

Am I to understand that the “enabling BlindsT0 protocoll disables everything else” is not a problem?

I have both a lot of 433MHz light switches and temp sensors. I want to be able to controll the blinds in addition of using these as before. Is this possible without enabing the BlindsT0 protocoll?

Protocol enabling is only necessary for receive!

So even with no protocol enabled you can transmit all protocols supported by the RFXtrx and control any device.

Receive of BlindsT0 is only implemented to know the ID and unit number transmitted by the Rollertrol remote.
After this you can enable the protocols needed to receive sensors.
This ID and unit number can be used in the VERA to control the motor and no need to pair the motor with another ID.

Note that Somfy RTS operates different. There is no option to receive the Somfy RTS remotes. The main reason is that you cannot use the same ID and unit number as used by the Somfy remote because of the rolling codes. You can simply add a new VERA “remote” in the Somfy motor.