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I’m using a Virtual Outdoor Temperature Sensor which I check with an hourly Schedule. However, the temperature doesn’t update regularly (or even weekly?). As a result, a Condition is failing to fire when it gets cold.

It seems like the temperature only updates when I login to the device and open the PLEG editor. Does that sound right, or is there any way I can make that more frequent, please?

For reference:

If it matters… this is a VeraLite running firmware 1.7.919 (I can’t get it to update successfully, so I’ve given up).

Thanks for any ideas,


I am not sure how often the VOTS updates, but this old thread seems to indicate only a few times a day:

Regardless, if you have a set up a Device Property, the Condition should evaluate each time the Property changes. The hourly check may delay the Condition if it drops below 20 right after the check completes.

Perhaps posting a status report will help. Attached is mine that reads from Darksky and the conditions monitor the temperature to change the thermostat mode. The actions execute only when the outdoor temperature goes above 65 or below 60. Nothing changes between those values.

PLEG - Patio[162].pdf (194.7 KB)

Interesting, thank you! I think my first step is to switch to Darksky (got it installed, and hopefully got the Lat/Long right). If that doesn’t do it, I’ll get a status report. I seem to remember posting one long ago and I had to strip out some personal info, but that’s easier for me to do now, I think.

I think I’m okay with it delaying by up to an hour or two. The idea is to cycle the baseboard boiler heat in rarely-used zones of my house so the water circulates when it’s especially cold. That ideally only happens every hour, just so I can prevent those zones from going all night (or several days) without circulating.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

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