Device Not Ready - Startup Failure?

Here is clip from log… Any ideas?

04 07/25/13 12:15:51.670 <0x2c0c9680>
50 07/25/13 12:15:52.203 luup_log:342: ElkPlugin::processLabels: Label type: Counter Names No processing. <0x2bec9680>
02 07/25/13 12:15:53.101 ZWaveJobHandler::SetDeviceStatus XXX2 0/0/0/0 <0x2bcc9680>
01 07/25/13 12:15:53.534 LuaInterface::CallFunction_Startup-1 device 342 function elkStartup failed [string “-- TODO…”]:950: bad argument #2 to ‘format’ (string expected, got nil) <0x2bec9680>
01 07/25/13 12:15:53.534 LuImplementation::StartLua running startup code for 342 I_ElkAlarmPanel1.xml failed <0x2bec9680>
01 07/25/13 12:15:53.598 luup_require can’t find lpeg <0x2bec9680>

Hmm, I believe it was trying to connect and I had alarm in ALARM state… Bug?

Confirmed. Lua startup during ALARM state crashes the plugin. I had to restart LUUP engine to get it to re-connect.

What alarm type exactly, I would like to re-create so that I can find the issue easier.


Water Alarm Sensor… Trying to get these damn wireless sensors to work and they trip themselves. I think it’s a crystal/saw compatibility issue.

Not in a position to test but give the attached Lua file ago.



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