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Please define the device terms “Interior” and “Exterior”. I thought they meant inside and outside of the house but I see my Kitchen light is known as ‘exterior’ so I am confuse.

How can I change my Kitchen light to be ‘Interior’?

I have an Alexa routine called ‘Good night’ which currently sets my Ring alarm system and turns off individual lights. I want to change it to just have my Ezlo hub turn off all the devices in the ‘Inside Devices’ group (which includes lights and TVs). That way I can use the Vera/Mios apps to manage my devices without having to duplicate it all in Alexa with it’s groups.

I apologize if this has already been answered and ask you to point me to the answer. Otherwise I ask if this is possible and request advice on how to do it.

One would think that but its not always the case it seems.

I think it depends on how the system categorised the device when it was added.

On the old Vera hubs you could change the Devices Category and Sub Category to a different one.

They were listed on this old wiki page here

However I dont think you can change them on Ezlo hubs ?

And I am not sure if Ezlo followed that same list of categories as Vera did ?

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For example on Vera hubs a Switch Device was Category 3 and had several sub categories also.

As I said on Vera firmware hubs we could change these our selves. Not sure if we can also on Ezlo hubs?

1 Interior
2 Exterior
3 In Wall
4 Refrigerator
5 Garage Door
7 Valve
8 Relay

I haven’t seen any new Ezlo documentation or WIKI that explains this same Device Category stuff for their system.

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Vera Device Categories -


Excuse the dodgy formatting of the screen shots.

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@cw-kid Thank you so much for your reply.

I await a reply from Ezlo staff with you.

@chuckf2 What was the make and model number of the device that went into an Exterior category?

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Ezlo Devs have confirmed we as users cannot change a devices category or sub category.

This page lists the integrated devices and what their categories are.

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Thank you again @cw-kid. I forget but I think they are GE/Jasco in wall switches. One is a master, the other a slave.

I have reviewed my devices and these are the only ones showing as Exterior. Anyway it really isn’t a big deal. I was just wondering if there was an operational difference between interior and exterior but there doesn’t appear to be.

No it wont affect operations. However it may show different types of icons possibly for an Exterior vs an Interior maybe? I am not sure.

I know on the old Vera hubs the icons were affected by a devices category type.

On the URL above you can look up your devices model number if you know it and check what category it is assigned too.

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