'Device failed to configure'

I’m trying to add my 2gig CT30 thermostat but get the error ‘Device failed to configure’. I’ve had my vera system for about a week and it was working fine until last night. I deleted the thermostat from my network and tried re-adding it. That’s where I am now.

How do I troubleshoot a device that gives me this error?

My network suddenly “gave up” on me with ‘Device failed to configure’ on all of my devices. I was reading another post about the CT-30 radio failing and this problem. (can’t seem to find that post now). Anyways I pulled out the radio after pulling the “C” wire on the thermostat and viola my network is happy again.

I just started having same issue, and I just added a c wire to my thermostat, and re-included it (ct100)

my battery operated door sensors were getting failed to configure after the c-wire added (w\exclude\include with c-wire in)

trying to exclude\include again with c wire out, then will add c wire back in so is not functioning as a repeater and see if that helps

that did not resolve my issue, maybe was something in the last firmware release, everything still works, just has that red bar at bottom saying "
ERROR: Unable to get any information on node" (battery items only)