Device <eventList> definitions dont work for Custom DeviceTypes

@MCV: If you define a custom DeviceType, with an [tt][/tt] section in it’s device descriptor, that device cannot participate in Scene Definitions (for triggers in Scenes).

The limitation is hardwired into Vera’s Javascript code. In Vera rel 1.0.918, this limitation is defined on line 12111, function [tt]pulldown_event_devices[/tt], in the file:

[tt] /www/cmh/js/scripts.js[/tt]

and looks like the following (formatted for readability):

if((deviceObj.DeviceType==DEVICETYPE_THERMOSTAT || deviceObj.DeviceType==DEVICETYPE_MOTION_SENSOR || deviceObj.DeviceType==DEVICETYPE_BINARY_LIGHT || deviceObj.DeviceType==DEVICETYPE_LIGHT_SENSOR || deviceObj.DeviceType==DEVICETYPE_DIMMABLE_LIGHT || deviceObj.DeviceType==DEVICETYPE_DOOR_LOCK || deviceObj.DeviceType==DEVICETYPE_SCENE_CONTROLLER || deviceObj.DeviceType==DEVICETYPE_TEMPERATURE_SENSOR) && deviceObj.Invisible!=1)

I ran into this as I was converting my Alarm Panel “Areas” into a Custom Device Type (see attached [tt]D_AlarmPartition1.txt[/tt]).

Since this is a custom Device, and not one of the standard ones listed above, Vera’s UI will “filter” entries from the “Device:” listing during Scene Creation.

Many thanks to TedStriker’s “Ping” code, which I used as a reference during the Javascript debugging exercise.

PS: Please enable .xml as a filetype for the Forums attachments…

Fixed in next release, now any device with eventList definition can be used.

Hey there, I moved to #1.0.937 that MCV just pub’d, and it doesn’t look like it’s in that version. Can you let me know the version# it’ll be released in (or the Min version# if it hasn’t been released - informally or otherwise)


Confirmed, these devices are now showing in Vera’s Scene selection dialog in Release 1.0.939, per the release announcement section.

Thanks for fixing it!