Device Documentation Library

This forum is a great source of information! Without it, we would all be stumbling around in the dark ;D The guys on here who answer a lot of the questions are obviously the beta testers (as it should be). The testers obviously have access to documentation that the rest of us either don’t have, or we’re too naive to realize where it is.

I was wondering if there’s a document library on here or elsewhere that holds documentation for the devices that are currently on the Z-wave market? What I am referring to, is a document that contains the commands, variables that a device responds to, and a detailed explanation on what each field/setting does in the device panel within the Vera UI.

I read posts on here where a guy tells the poster that a certain field will do this or that if the setting is changed to X…that knowledge has to be documented somewhere. If there’s no central repository for this type of document library, there should be! Am I missing something?


Usually you’ll find those kind of commands in the support section of the manufacturer of the device.

You can also have a look in the wiki docs. Most of the information is found by tinkering. The documentation for Vera is scattered and needs a lot of work. But most likely if you are looking for something it is in the wiki or somewhere on the forum.

  • Garrett


Thank you guys…thats a great start!