Device Command Mapping - undefined

I believe Plug-in version 3.1 may have introduced a bug, I cannot map any buttons in any child devices. The dropdown produces undefined for all commands. This was working correctly before the update. This happens in both UI5 and ALTUI.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


It seems to be an interface issue, I can still create scenes using the device if you know the supported commands:

–Power On Living Room TV Scene
luup.call_action(“urn:rboer-com:serviceId:HarmonyDevice1”, “SendDeviceCommand”, {Command = “PowerOff”}, 329)

–Power Off Living Room TV Scene
luup.call_action(“urn:rboer-com:serviceId:HarmonyDevice1”, “SendDeviceCommand”, {Command = “PowerOn”}, 329)

I know the UI was working on 1/12/2019, I added other child devices on that date.


Just incase you would like to just create scenes and have no need for the UI buttons:

Device ID:290 is the main Harmony device in Vera.

–List Activities, Devices, & DeviceCommands:

Device ID:329 is the child Harmony device (Living Room TV) in Vera.

–List DeviceCommands:

For example, PowerOn and PowerOff are available Device Commands

Hi jepr,

The latest version has not been tested on UI5 as I do not have that anymore. It seems there is an error with that code.

If found the possible reason. Can you update the plugin via the ALTUI App market. That should pull the fixed version from GitHub. The change is in J_Harmony.js

Cheers Rene

Hi Rene,

Thanks for helping me with this.

I have never used the ALTUI App market, however, I was able to successfully install it on UI5 and see it in ALTUI under More / App Store. I also found the Harmony Hub Control.

My question is, if I was to click in the ALT download, will it update my existing devices or will I have to remove / re-create / re-configure my existing device that was downloaded from the MIOS App Store?


Hi John,

As of yesterday the updated app V3.3 is on the MIOS App market as well so you can follow the normal update procedure. Your config will be fully preserved.

Cheers Rene

Thanks Rene!

It automatically updated from the MiOS App market and it’s working great.

On a side note, what’s your thought on upgrading to UI7? I have multiple Vera 3’s running UI5 fairly stable.

Thanks again,

Good to hear it is still working on UI5.

It is a bit off-topic, but UI7 on Vera3 might be a struggle for each update is what I read on the forum. Anything less than an Edge needs to have close to zero plugins, or seems a hassle to upgrade. Doable if you do; backup, reset, upgrade, restore backup, but a hassle. UI7 it self is running pretty stable now.

Cheers Rene