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I want to inform our community that we release to live Linux FW v. for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure (E450, E550) controllers that supports Z-wave device association.
To use device associations you should check your firmware version (and update it, if it is lower than v. and unpair the devices from the controller and then pair them again.
We provide ability to manage Device Associations using our web app

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Go to Device Associations (1) page.
See the listing of existing associations (2). Each row contains 2 devices, source device (3.1) and target device (3.2). You can delete (4) existing association.
To create a new association, press “+ Create New Association” button (5), then select Source Device (6), its Channel (7) and Group (8) and then Target device (9) and press Save Association button (11) or you can delete (10) this row.

Note: if you select a Source Device and do not see any other dropdowns there could be some reasons:

  1. Outdated Firmware version.
  2. Device does not support associations.

Wait, what? That is painful…

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Not all devices can be used for association without any additional actions. You can try to use rediscovery option in Vera app. However rediscovery might work not stable with battery powered devices.

So I have tried to add association for two devices and both fail.

I use a Fibaro FGMS-001 and it says that this device doesn’t support associations ?? (using it on my Vera plus with association)

I use a cheep Chinese generic motion sensor and there I can set a asociation but… it also displays a message telling me that I should turn on the device (To create association, please, turn on your device). As I cannot switch on a sensor I’m not able to save the association.

Anybody having experience with setting up associations with battery powered devices?

Posting the link to my post related to battery-powered devices in associations in this thread.