Device alarm


Has any one been able to set some kind of alarm if certain devices do not update their status (temperature, humidity etc) in certain interval? I now have problems with Vera Edge since few devices do not report battery status, they just disappear when battery runs out.

Also has anyone been able to repair 433 devices and keep the existing datamine logs for that device?


This has been discussed on the forums in the past. There’s no built-in option for this, beyond writing some of your own Lua code to do it.

PLEG does this pretty easily. Set up an input on the device wake-upand a condition that compare the time.

#front_door_sensor_wakeup >3600. Is what I use to signal if the sensor is offline for more than an hour.

I also have inputs on battery status to alert me at 25%, 10%, and 5?. I set up 3 alerts b/c I had one device eating batteries until I got the network cleaned up.