Deus Exmachina II Question

The drop down box shows which room I want to assign it to. Can I assign it to more than one room?

No. Devices on Vera can only be assigned to one room.

The room is irrelevant, though. It’s just an organizational/visual tool for you, it has absolutely no effect on the operation of the plugin. You can control lights in any room, regardless of which room the plugin device is in. Many of us create a “Virtual Devices” room or similar for plugin devices that can do things system-wide, just so that “No Room” doesn’t become excessively cluttered (I think of “No Room” as my to-do list: things that need to be put elsewhere).


Can I create a profile for Home, Away, Night and Vacation? I want my devices to do what they normally do when I’m home but at Night I want one light to act like someone is turning it on and off all night.

You’ll need to create additional instances of DEMII and configure them differently. Make sure your configuration includes the house mode, or you can use external activation (e.g. Reactor, PLEG, etc.).

To create an additional instance:

  1. Go to Apps > Develop apps > Create device
  2. Enter the name of the new instance in “Description”
  3. For “UPnP Device File”, copy-paste: D_DeusExMachinaII1.xml
  4. For “UPnP Implementation file”: I_DeusExMachinaII1.xml
  5. You can choose a room assignment if you wish.
  6. Leave the rest blank
  7. Hit “Create device”
  8. Go to Apps > Develop apps > Test Luup code and run: luup.reload()
  9. After the restart finishes, hard-refresh your browser.
  10. Go in to your new instance and configure it.

You must be very careful to ensure that the two (or more) instances are configured in such a way that only one can run at a time. Otherwise, you’re in for an interesting light show.

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What is House Mode?

That’s the “Home, Away, Night, Vacation” part.

Thanks for your help!!