Deus Ex Machina plugin on UI7 (vera edge) doe's it work ?

i am trying to use it to control lights from my RFXcom created devices but i can’t get the ticks to stay ticked on the devices.


Did you find a solution?


Nobody is using light simulation?

[quote=“teonebello, post:3, topic:186397”]Nobody is using light simulation?

I am but I do it with PLEG. I use PLEG Schedules with random offsets to switch lights, close blinds and play music when I am not at home.

May I ask you to have some screenshot? I’m not an expert of pleg schedule.


My security PLEG has a lot of other logic in it so it is not a good example. Schedules with random offsets are quite straightforward, though. They are explained in PLEG Basics.

What I try to do is simulate normal behavior. So, in the morning, the first light comes on at normal getting-up time plus a random 0-15 minute lay-in offset. Other lights are triggered after randomized intervals from this. If it is already more than one hour after sunrise, the morning lights are skipped. Lights in the evening are triggered on by sunset or a time - whichever happens first. I use interval timers again to simulate normal behavior. The lights-off sequence is started by a time with a random offset and uses intervals to simulate movement through the house until the final light is turned off.

i didn’t get it to work :’(
i don’t really have time to work the PLEG out either…

Still waiting for some help to be able to make the plug in working…

it seems that should be enough to add the variable containing all ID of all lamps to be switched on…


I have this app still working under UI7. I’ve posted a solution for configuring the devices you want controlled in another post. Please do some searching, I’m sure you’ll find it.

A new version of Deus Ex Machina has been released that fixes these UI7 issues.

See this thread:,11333.msg282136.html#msg282136

@rigpapa That site won’t come up for me. It’s being blocked by my firewall I think because certificate issues.

That site is the old Vera forums, not mine, and the post is so old it hasn’t been the “latest” version in over 5 years. Watch those dates when considering downloads.

The latest version is in the app marketplace.