Determine remote IP address

I have Vera going through my Linksys router and is set up in Advanced tab as DHCP. I know Vera’s local IP address but what about the current IP for the modem.

Is there a way that remotely I can determine this IP address?

I didn’t think of setting up DynDNS at the time.


To be totally honest (if I understand your question correctly-- you want to determine the public IP of your modem, behind which sits a Linksys router and then Vera), I think you will probably need to contact MCV and see if they can pull it from a report. Unless you have a computer you can access remotely at the location (LogMeIn/GoToMyPC/RDP/etc.), I can’t think of another way to retrieve it from Vera’s innards, altho I am sure that there are others who have poked around in the “advanced” section of Vera more thoroughly than I have.

Just browse to it will tell you your public IP.


Another site:

Then go to and sign up for a public name.

But unless you really need to SSH in to the unit, the GUI is available by just using

We can see what Byron says when he replies, but I believe by writing “remotely” above that he is no longer at the location where Vera is and does not have access to any computers that are there…

Oops…right you are. Sorry.
Is there a way to embed a web lookup into a luup device? Too bad there isn’t a “console” option from the GUI, then you would have some options there.

I do not know if this is even “remotely” applicable. However, this is just an FYI for anyone attaching Vera via an ethernet cable to their router. Four months, I was losing my Internet connection on my home network. I replaced my modem and my router twice. I had a computer professional spend several hours trying to resolve this problem. It seems to be resolved now. I think what might have fixed it is that both Vera and my Linksys router were broadcasting on Channel 11. I changed my Linksys router channel 3. Knock on wood

I could see this happening if they were tripping on each other. I made vera’s WAN port a static LAN IP behind my linksys router and simply disabled the WIFI on Vera. This way, she is simply 100% a gateway for Zwave and not other network traffic. This would be my suggestion since the more Vera has to do, the more likely of there being a lockup or issue, etc.

You could also setup Vera as a WIFI client so it connects via WIFI instead of RJ45. This method allows you to set Vera almost anywhere where it can reach your primary WIFI router. I did this so I could plop vera closer to my Schlage lock and other beam capable switches. So far it’s worked flawlessly in this mode

IN order to see the external ip ( the one that’s on your main router wan port) go to
Advanced->Net&Wi-Fi and press Network Troubleshoot.
THE IP will be mentioned there.

The dyndns package is already installed, but you’ll have to edit manually the config file located in
From console or using the file editor from WebIf

But… Depending who your ISP is, it may not be the same IP address from to day. FIOS is always changing the ‘public’ IP address. I’m sure others do to.