Delivery of EZLO plus

Looking forward to getting my new controller. Is there any update on delivery? Order page is still saying early Feb so hoping that is still the case.

Please give me an update.

Hello Glenn,

We’ve just sent an email update to all our customers who ordered an Ezlo controller.
Let me know if you’ve got it.

Thanks for communicating. While they delay is unfortunate, I think you deserve some slack all things considered. Hopefully there will be no further delays.

My EZLO plus is winding it’s way to me. Will post experiences on here after I receive it.

I just received mine!!! So far just Not impressed…The first 5 Items will not pair!!! The lack of a computer gui is just not acceptable!! Very little information /control can be found- Really considering just returning the unit!!!

Can you send please serial number of your unit and add more details about first 5 items.
Just sent you message in pm.


We take this very seriously. Our guys are trying to get in touch so that they can collect details about what might be the issue. We are here to solve it for you!

I received mine yesterday as well.
Having a tough time getting the Schlage door locks to show up correctly in the scene editor.
I only have “Whenever Front Door” and a “apply not operator” with no values of current state to be selected.

Another major issue is that my controller don’t appear to be online when looking at it from the browser. Even though it is online on the iPhone app (on the same phone, at the same time).

Same issue over here.

Hi @Waynesigns,
Can you send please the serial number of your unit and p/n of the Schlage door locks?
Just sent you message in pm.


I have created a ticket ECS-447 for this in Jira.

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That is currently normal behaviour for the Ezlo Plus. Because there is no web GUI you can connect to.

However saying that my Ezlo Atom does show as Online in the browser. If you click the Connection button it says

“You can use Atom to control your home only with VeraMobile app. Please visit the App Store or Google Play and install it now.”

Which again is expected as the Atom has no web GUI either.

They should make the Ezlo Plus behave the same as the Atom currently does on the gateway webpage. This would stop the confusion somewhat.

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Great I added my comments also.

Please can you link to your ticket next time though, makes it easier for others to find and see it.


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Thanks for clarifying, makes sense.

Still waiting for mine. Most likely will try the quickset lock first as that is key for me.

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Received my ezlo plus on 4 Mar 2021. Migrated 70+ devices and 10+ scenes, all by excluding and included each device and recreating the scenes.

Right out the box, the ezlo plus would not stay blue (connected and ready to go). It would go blue for about 10 seconds then go back to flashing green (or whatever color (I’m colorblind). I had to unplug it and then plug it back in twice (power). Then it stayed steady blue.

Using ezlo plus, I excluded the devices from the vera plus and included them on the ezlo plus. A painful process. YES, a web interface would be soooooo much better in this instance.

There has been some hiccups but I think it will be steady once I work through a few issues.

Ok So after hour and half with tech support- No successful pairing is accomplished?!? I do have one Sensor “pending” and it did show up but Nothing is updating!?!! I also discover that when adding a 2nd Account you MUST have “excellent” password to proceed -even though the Password turns “green” and states “good”! The current software -is appears “still buggy”. Also I guess my small town in NC was not listed in the time zone drop downs?!!(so i used NYC -5). During the troubleshot process we reset the EZLO unit multi time( so I had to re-enter it alot!?!!).

I also have Ezlo dropping connection and alerting me via text it is down. I believe It is having a conflict sharing my network with my Vera Plus !?! The “smart start” function is cool and does display the DSK keys quickly - But even after Hours it never fully “connects”.

Wow Much different experience then I ?!! Glad yours work :grinning:

Nice :+1:. I wonder if you used any plugins before?

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