Deleting nodes

Is there some way to delete a node without having the original device around?

Is there a database in Vera that can be accessed to do this?


You can delete the device on the Vera control panel.
But the device will still be part of the Z-Wave network until it is excluded.
The list of devices that are included in the Z-Wave network are stored in the Z-Wave dongle or daughter board. The tools to manipulate this data are:

[ul][li]Reset - Remove all data[/li]
[li]Include - Add a new device
Device must be present[/li]
[li]Exclude - Remove a device
Device must be present[/li]
[li]Restore from Z-Wave Backup
Restore to a previous configuration[/li][/ul]

If it was a recently included device … you may be able to remove it by restoring from a backup before it was included.

Thank you for that.

I have an Insteon Model 2420M but don’t know how to exclude it, using the set button.

You did not indicate Insteon … I assumed it was a Z-Wave device.
I do not use Insteon … So I am not sure of the configuration manipulation options.