Deleting Earcon Sound Files from Mobile App

Hey there, really enjoying the app so far been making great use of the resources here to get things working between my home audio system, Vera Alerts, and my DSC alarm panel. So far, so good in most directions…

One thing I’ve read reference to here in several other threads but not seen a solution to, how do you delete a sound file from the mobile app’s Earcon collection? I have the “Delete Sound” button but it doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried as many combinations of ways to do it as I possibly can but there seems to be no way to make a file go away once it’s there. I know I could zero the app’s data, but if I can avoid that, I’d rather…otherwise not really a huge problem just a question.

Thanks for all the excellent work!

Kind Regards,

I plan to make a release for this APP soon … I will look into this at that time.