Deleted devices keep comming back

On my verplus controller deleted devices keep coming back
how can i permanently delete them ?

i tried this command but dosnt work after a few hours or day they are back in the devices list

which devices?

If that is a Z-Wave device that is still in your home, and it’s powered. Then the above command will not stop it to push itself back into Vera.
The device needs to be powered off and/or excluded using the pairing wizard.

If you’re positive that device is not there anymore, physically, try to log a ticket with our Customer Care team as well. Details in my signature.

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Thanks for that couldn’t unpair Fiabaro Sensor, then realised I still had it powered up

@Sorin Is there a fast way to delete multipel ghostdevices ?/ Mattias

Is Support still able to assist with this issue? I have a Linear WO15Z-1 Z-Wave receptacle that absolutely(!) refuses(!) to be removed from Vera Plus, no matter which method I deploy or how many times I try it:
• Unpair → Success! → device still present and working in UI
• Delete → Success! → device still present and working in UI
• Removal URL provided in this post → “Ok” → device #16 still present and working in UI
• Hard reboot (Settings > Net & Wi-Fi > Reboot) had no effect.

I’ve never had a plug cling to life this severely before, but I want it gone ASAP!
Any guidance? @Sorin @rigpapa

In the meantime, I will fashion a super-long Ethernet cable and retry all the Exclusions that are not working, in case it is a distance-to-radio limitation.

I’ve had the same experience, but lately I’ve been able to delete failed or migrated (!) devices by getting them marked failed in the mesh, and then deleting them. To do that, I just factory reset the device and/or disconnect it from power, then wait a day or two until I’m sure it’s marked failed in the mesh. Then Delete and it’s gone.

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Well, since at least one of the devices is a receptacle (devilishly hard to “power down” or “factory reset” in situ), my current plan involves a 100’ Ethernet cable, a USB power source, and a lot of patience. My theory being that the Unpair maneuver hasn’t been reliable due to distance and radio noise.

Will report back later tonight. Thanks for the moral support!

UPDATE(S): Successful removal of first device, an in-wall switch at “the end of the line”. Refreshing UI and commencing to next item on the list, a wired receptacle. Yep, 2nd removal complete. However, 3rd item (a plug-in receptacle) not so easy. Will have to read manual on that one. Yep, worked! :wink:

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Don’t forget that you can use any hub to exclude a device. So if you’ve got another Vera, Z-Stick, heck, even an eZLO Atom… ZWave exclusion mode is promiscuous – the hub and device don’t need to know each other previously to do the deed.

Thanks for the reminder. Since I would have had to tether up any of my hubs, it worked out easiest to simply go with the Vera (and then hubitat) in that order. (EXTRA Nerd Badge points for having a spare 100’ Ethernet cable lying around in an unopened package!) Even better was that most every device within line of sight of both controllers phoned home just fine during Exclusion and Inclusion.

The primary bad boys were those who were (a) far away, (b) outside, and/or (c) remote enough that the middlemen (neighbor nodes) who had since been Excluded made them a challenge (for signal) to reach.

Job will be complete tomorrow. Even though this exercise clearly went off-topic for this thread, I’d like to leave it up as an example for others who may follow in my migration footsteps.