Delete Vera feature request

I think we need another option added. :slight_smile: Just like Locate Vera, and Add Vera, we need Delete Vera please. The feature should then ask the user to select the serial number to delete , like is the case when changing between Veras. Deleting a Vera would clear out any reference to that serial number, user, pass, favorites, local ssid and not modify records related to any surviving (remaining) Vera.

You can remove Vera via the following link:


Where veraip is the ip address of the Vera unit to remove.

  • Garrett

LOL, this is a Home Buddy Android application feature request, not How to delete Vera from the Web UI question. :slight_smile:

Sorry, didn’t see the sub forum. Reading via tapatalk.

  • Garrett

@jjwatmyself This feature already exists. In the setup screen, select the serial that you want to delete, hit your device’s menu button then select “Remove Instance”.

Ohhhhhhhh… Found it! Why did you hide it there? :smiley:

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